This page is devoted to share some of my work on mathematical finance and stochastic analysis  with anyone who might find it useful.  

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Articles in scientific journals

  1. A. Gulisashvili, R. Merino, M. Lagunas-Merino, J. Vives. Higher order approximation of call option prices under stochastic volatility models. Published in Journal of Computational Finance, Vol.24, No.1, (2020) pp.1-20.
  2. D. Baños, M. Lagunas-Merino, S. Ortiz-Latorre. Variance and interest rate risk in unit-linked insurance policies. Published in Risks, Vol.8, No.84, (2020) pp.1-23.
  3. Harang, F., Lagunas-Merino, M., & Ortiz-Latorre, S. (2021). Self-exciting multifractional processes. Journal of Applied Probability, 58(1), 22-41.

Preprints submitted for publication

  1. M. Lagunas-Merino, S. Ortiz-Latorre. A Decomposition Formula for Fractional Heston Jump Diffusion Models. Preprint available in arXiv

MsC Thesis

Malliavin Calculus Applied to Option Pricing Theory (2016)

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PhD Thesis Source Codes

  1. SEMGamma
  2. HestonApprox2nd
  3. HestonFwdVarVasicek